The new way to alert, manage and prevent critical events

Designed by crisis management experts and customized for building safe, resilient, and sustainable organizations.

Cosafe is the powerful and user-friendly critical communication platform for fast, structured and secure responses in time-sensitive issues.

COSAFE - Designed by crisis management experts

Keep your employees safe and your business running

Trusted by organizations of all sizes across private and public sectors​

Discover our powerful and user-friendly mobile app

Single-click Alerts

Customize for your

Secure Chat

Encrypted chat with
smart features

I'm Safe Check-in

Safety check service with automated
positional data


24/7 access to critical

Cosafe app

Personnel Safety Alarms

Lone worker timer and
panic button


On demand and easy access

On-Call Alert

Quickly summon and mobilize
the team

Holding Statement

Keep everyone updated


Act faster and provide the right information, to the right people at the right time

Cosafe is available 24/7 equipping your employees with efficient single-click alert and mass communication buttons customized to your organization. e.g. accident, fire, cyber-attacks etc.

Increase workplace safety with lone worker timer and hidden black-screen panic button.


Regain control, mobilize and coordinate your team to improve outcomes

Cosafe helps you lead your organization in critical situations no matter where you are.

Get up to speed quickly, gather and provide real-time information and delegate tasks to minimize detrimental impacts on people, environment and assets.


Be prepared, share insights and reduce errors

Stay resilient, reliable and reachable. Perform post-incident evaluations, ensure 24/7 access to critical documents, share important safety alerts and enable real-time collaboration with interactive checklists for risk analysis, safety inspections and Last Minute Risk Assessments (LMRA).

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